Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) , 2016 is a free empowerment and networking summit happening on November 26th, 2016 (8:30-1pm) at Impact Family Chapel, Berekum- Brong Ahafo –Ghana. The Theme for the summit is “Raising The Next Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs". This event will be the 4th  YES program organized by Golden Minds Consult in collaboration with Berekumcity. Come as it builds a network of young change makers, doers and entrepreneurs in Brong Ahafo region and across Africa.



Mr. Kwarteng AKA Woodman Koda- Broadcast Jornalist- Shalom FM- Berekum

Engaging Passion and Pursuing One’s Vision
Our passions ignite our vision. Vision and pursuing it is one of the fundamental duties of every human. However, not many people have found the reason for their existence here on earth. Many a people have lost sight of pursuing their visions often because they don’t know what their visions are or even how to find it.
Mostly, they lack information on where and how they can access the resources and funds to pursue their vision. How can one know their vision? And how do they pursue it? How do you turn a passion into a thriving business? How can they raise funds for their vision? How does Africans knowing their vision and pursuing it contribute to the development of the continent of Africa especially with the youth?

Rev. Adomah Kwasi Solomon- Founder, Impact Family Chapel-Berekum  

Raising The Leaders We Need: Generational Leaders
The truth about this adage still holds, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”
Generational leaders don’t come ready made like this. And they certainly fail at times. But through persistence, patience & training, generational leaders are identified & developed, who in turn are instrumental in raising up a strong generational company, church and business. You are a thought-leader on this and we will need you to expatiate how to becoming a generational leaders, how to think as a generational leader, and the influence of a generational leader in societal transformation.  

Mr.Williams – Barclays Bank Manager, Berekum

“Save Money Today and It will save You Tomorrow”
Many go to school to learn everything about Archeology to Zoology but never read any book on Money. Their lots are abject poor and joblessness.  As a bank manager, we would want to learn the following keys: “Getting money”,  “Managing Money” and Investing Money” “What you don’t know will hurt you” who we gain financial intelligence

Hon. Boakye Yiadom-MCE Berekum

Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation: the role of public figures.  What is the role of an MCE/ MP in promoting youth employment and job creation? How can public figures help to raise funds to support entrepreneurship and innovation? What social intervention would work for the youth? How do youth approach public leaders to dialogue, discuss and exchange business ideas?


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