A rain storm which occurred in Berekum on Monday night 09th May, 2016 has destroyed several property including some classroom blocks in the Berekum Senior High school which indeed rendered three students injured.

The school is thus appealing to organizations and individuals to support them in the rehabilitation of the buildings.

Another serious casualty occurred at Agoro Fm, a local radio station in Berekum, where its transmission tower collapsed. Luckily no one has been reported injured in this occurrences.

Several parts of the town were in outage due the storm, but NEDCO have been working tirelessly to restore power to all the affected areas.

A similar occurrence happened on the 22nd of March which also affected electricity transmission to several areas where a number of properties were destroyed including parts of the Berekum College of Education.


Metrological department has caution citizens in the Brong Ahafo to be watchful of these kind of storms. A similar storm occurred at Goaso on Tuesday, 10th May, 2016.

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