Berekum Arsenals put up a fantastic game on Sunday 20th May, 2012 to win 2 goals to 1 against Wassaman united at the Berekum Golden City Park. The must-win match as it was dubbed was crucial for the Gunners if there was a chance of surviving in the premier league.


A lot of preparation went into this match which saw for the first time all supporters getting the chance to watch a premier league in Berekum for free. This was by kind courtesy of Emmanuel Agyeman Badu and other prominent players who made it through Berekum Arsenals. They acquired all the tickets to make the fans get the opportunity to come in their numbers to support their indigenous team.

They also promised to pay the winning bonus to the players..

Berekum Arsenals are out of the relegation zone for now with only one game left to go. They will play Accra Hearts of Oak on Sunday at the Ohene Gyan stadium to determine their fate. Alhaji Yakubu Moro has assured all the fans, Arsenals would do anything possible to stay in the league with this brand new support from Agyeman Badu and his colleagues.

Wassaman has been relegated from the premier league. The question is which other two teams would join Wassaman, home, would it be Mighty Jets, Bechem United or BereKum Arsenals as they all play their final crucial matches, away from their home grounds?

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