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Five (5)Top Skills You Should Learn to Prepare for Post COVID 19

Five (5)Top Skills You Should Learn to Prepare for Post COVID 19

COVID 19 would be over and life will return to normal but jobs and employment would not be business as usual. Are you ready and prepared for the New world? Things have changed, industries are changing and the world would change. One of the most productive things you can do in these times is to:

1. Learn a SKILL that is practical
2. A Skill that would be in demand
3. That doesn't take forever to master
4. A skill set that has an immediate impact on your life
5. That you can learn from anywhere, anytime, i.e. on your phone
6. And a skill that you can learn at your own pace

A recent study I did from the Millionaire entrepreneur, Dan Lok reveals, programming, digital marketing, closing, project management, and copywriting would the Top Skills to be in demand after COVID 19. Take a look:

1. Coding skills –I think this would be in great demand, though not everyone can learn it easily. It is hard. And because it is hard, it pays and will continue after COVID 19.

2. Digital marketing –it could be easy to learn and needs commitment.

3. Sales skills – for this skill, everyone can and everyone does it already anyway. Grant Cardoon says selling is a way of life. Every business needs revenue and great salesmen would be highly in demand.

4. Management –the way we work has changed. Working from home is now becoming the new normal. The ability to manage people and projects would be a demanded skill.

5. Copywriting –every content you read on the internet, social media posts, reports, professional emails, and advertising was written by someone. Companies will always need advertising and content marketing. As you stay home, don’t waste your time, learn any of these skills.

Remember “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” Proverbs 22:3


Schandorf Adu Bright is a Business Development Manager at Jetstream Africa, a tech-enabled logistics based in Ghana. With his 7 years’ experience in business development and first-class knowledge in turning project ideas into a successful business and managing these to full national scale at Farmerline – Ghana, Schandorf has mastered techniques that apply to any start-up.

NB: Many health workers like my beloved Ohemaa are leading the charge to this battle against the invisible enemy and save lives in these tough times. Every day, I am inspired by her courage to unreservedly go serve those who matter most. May God bless Ohemaa and all health workers. #StayHome #LearnTopSkill #LetsBuildtheNextFutureTogether

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