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To Unconscious Chiefs and Queens

Gone, gone are the good old days when kings, Chiefs and Queens were the political, Judicial and Spiritual heads of their people

In those same old days, they acted and executed their powers to the benefit of their people. The unanswered question is, Do They Do Same In Our Time? The simple reason could be the introduction and practice of modern system of governance and semi negligence of active role on the part of some Chiefs and Queens in Berekum.

I, without being impolite and disrespectful humbly would want the Chiefs and Queens in and around Berekum to be conscious and aware of the roles they have to play other than mere sales of lands. They should not be reactive but rather proactive and initiators of policies and plans to the development of their communities.

There is the need for them to play the figure Head role at all levels. They have the mandate to lobby and request for developmental project on behalf of their people.

They would be good, if they see themselves as representatives of the central government. Since they have almost the same eligibility criteria and purpose which is development and the well being of the people.

Recognizing themselves as such should push them to be part of decision making, implementation and execution of plans and policies which would affect the lives of their people. It should be known to them that they are also the monitors of developmental projects in their communities.

Berekum seems to have been left alone. These modern rulers who call themselves Government Officials, Representatives of Government and Politician are now parasites on their host.

Culture they say is a way of life. What our way of life? Do we know it as people? We would only attempt to answer this question but would not be able to answer them. Most of us mention the name of our festival to be “Kwafie” but cannot give its description. What a sad situation? We seem to be losing out culture values. It is not a wonder seeing young folks finding it uneasy to dress traditionally. They have no Cultural and Traditional event to attend. No one is setting example.

We need to know who we are by our culture but not by our modernity. Our chiefs should set platform and past unto the new generation, our values, customs, traditions, norms and attitude as a legacy also to be unfolded to the unborn generation

We as people unthinkably seems to have been losing our sense of morality to the justification and freedom of Lawlessness, Carelessness, Indecency in Dressing, “Sakawa”, Armed-Robbery, Teenage Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Homosexuality and Human Slather at the deferral of fines, scolding, caution, retribution, deterrence and chastisement as well as bylaw.

Politicians are no more accountable to the good people of Berekum. Being swollen headed, they pussy foot around Berekum’s development because some Nananom seems adamant about it.

I can only believe in the capability of changing things around.

Osei-Antwi Franklin
(A son of the land, Berekum)


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