How do you portray your country, town or village to outsiders?

A poor boy in Cameroun once had a God-Sent chance to travel to France. His white friend asked him to tell him stories about his country. He said, my country is the most beautiful and the richest country in the world.

When you visit any of the villages, hardly will you see anybody going out on foot ,each one has at least a car to himself or herself. Before a child is born a house is built for it.

A month later the white friend visited Cameroun out of curiosity but saw exactly the opposite of what the friend said . After one week in Duoala, the capital, he went back to Paris and asked his friend, "why did you lie to me about your country? I have spent a week in Duoala and the people are so poor as the church mouse".

The black boy replied, you should have gone to the villages , we intentionally make our villages much more beautiful and richer than the towns and cities to conceal our wealth from outside world and greedy people like you.

"Se wose akyi nye wo de ara, ehoa na wo tafere"


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